nomihS: User manual for Call Centres

Nostradamus Predictive Dialer: CCDial
LAN IPScheme:
The system has been configuring on Class C Static IP. The system IPV4 settings are:
Sub net Mask:
Default Gateway:
WARNING!You are not likely to change this as it is HARDCODED on the kernel for smooth IP-PBX operation.
CCDiallogin Information over console / web GUI:
Username:manager Password: “your Password”
Caution:Please do supervised login over the console.
CCDiallogin Information over web GUI:
For Dialler & CRM Please point your browser to:
To Log in To Manager:
Username:manager Password: “your Password”
To log into CRM
Username:manager Password: “your Password”
For Users:
Username:cca1 Password: “your Password”
Username:cca2 Password: “your Password”
Username:cca3 Password: “your Password”
Username:cca4 Password: “your Password”
Username:cca5 Password: “your Password”
Username:cca6 Password: “your Password”
Username:cca7 Password: “your Password”
Username:cca8 Password: “your Password”
Username:cca9 Password: “your Password”
Username:cca10 Password: “your Password”
Call Center Agent login:
Step 1:Please give the phone extension you’re logged into as 105 and the default phone password is “test” for the entire set of agent.
Step 2:Please give you Call Center Agent ID as “cca5” or “cca3” as above and select the campaign from the list above.
Step 3:You will receive an incoming call, answer the call and minimize the phone everything else you will be doing into web GUI.
On the Manager login you can create campaign and load leads. All the information you require can be obtained via clicking into the “?” icon.
For Professional Support please contact your authorized distributor.
Disclaimer: On the system login a Warning has been posted. If you do not adhere to the system warning and damage the system and / or the hardware CCDial will not be responsible for your data.The date lost on system self-destruct procedure is irrecoverable and hardware might be damaged physically.

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