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Please post youTechnical Complaints here.
We will work on 8Working hours SLA to resolve the matter. Anyone can post comments hereincluding agents system, administrator, and administrative personnel facing anykind of technical glitches on everyday operation.
Resolved Complaintswill be made STICKY on -: CCDial FAQ Forum: – Section and include your centre asspecial Thanks. Please include your centre name and designation while posting.
With Thanks.
Shimon S Dewan
On behalf of



2 thoughts on “– : : CCDial – nomihS The IP Nostradamous : :-

  1. Problem : Cannot hear the live call of the agent. Advice:Dial 0+sessionid of the agent which is something like 8600051, 8600052 etc ( this is the conference number /session id of the agent). In most of the cases browser automatically launches the x-lite when you click BARGE/LISTEN. if your browser doesnt know the sip extension customize the programmes section . And manually configure your browser to what programmes to run for which protocol. For example : outlook runs automatically when you click an email id. As outlook is you default email programme so it executes , similarly set x-lite as a client for any sip or iax2 links.

  2. Resoulution:For some reason the ALL FORCE option doesnt seems to work. I have changed it to "On Demand " ask Agents to click on recording so that the recording begins.If the problem persists contact you system Administrator.

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