the 14th day

Well it’s not the day; it’s even not closer to the day.

But you could feel it any day of the year the 14th day of February, thevalentine day. It is about replicating the very big show and complicatedchemical reaction into reality.

Well it is the only things you do in your life when you are so sure that youcan break through any door with whatever you got to say. It doesn’t matter fromwhich part of everyday life you are, things could be equally complicated if youare not so sure.

In a relationship you have to accept all of her/him. It’s bad or its good, it’slovable or it’s not. At the end of the day you don’t need a musician to playthe background song for you it’s on each other mind.

Obviously and off course there are some roses that nobody wants. Well it’syour best friend, off course the lady is your best friend. Who always had abetter idea?

You know what in the whole world the woman who would travel thousands ofmile just to give you a hug, is your mom. Moms never lets you down it doesn’tmatter you are the biggest loser or the brightest star. The purest love one canever have in this earth.

And you know the best thing this is the most Uncomplicated of all!!


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