It’s good to havesome secrets in life. Oh holy shit it’s not just like having secrets in life. It’sjust happening to be. You end up some few different dimensions in life whichyou can’t share with all. Well i have always seen i have been telling all differentversion of the same thing of same sort of experience depending on therelationship with that rue person or even organization.

So here it comes, weare acting in few more role rather than being just one single person. Does a psychiatristperson call this mental disorder? Or just the people around you think you arenot a genuine person. Well it’s not just being genuine or truthful. Even if wetry we can’t really tell the same story to everyone, it’s not my fault it’s thepeople around me, and they wants to hear in their own way. And if i failed i amnot a “good communicator”.

Is that t i am not a genuine person. Of course iam.


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