Our Customer speake of us!

Now we should say our customer speaks of us. Yes it is!
Elastix which is far more capable and robust solutions than a “CCDIAL: nomihs – The IP Nostradamus”. However, one of earlier Elastix user a Canadian BPO house is moving off Elastix. They have initially chosen and selected CCDial for their outsourced call centre. Why is so, the initial findings in the users word is?
  • It is difficult to make a new campaign and have a group of small campaign

  • We find the reporting confusing

  • The disposition it gives , misuses no of leads . We think we have lost few good lead

  • CRM is also not so good for purely outbound telemarketing.

  • Our technical guy found it harder to train users to use it

Moreover the customer had agreed that Elastix is a very good one, but they simply think this is not what they want for a very small custom call centre of them.We the CCDial team thank worldtradebpo for their kind comments on CCDial. We are proud that a system made in the garage is again is good for something replacing million dollar project. With ThanksThe nomihS Team

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