Common Security TIPs to Prevent uncommon Attack

After your installation of vicidial/vicibox/vicidialnow/Go autodial its good system admin practice to make sure few basic security loop holes to be closed. In most of the newer version these are almost corrected, but still it worths the pain to check them that they are right.

  • Blocking Guest access on through SIP configuration File:

edit /etc/asterisk/sip.conf





And restart.

  • changing the default ssh port to some custom one

The default ssh port is always prone to a scan and phising attack is most eminent to happen . This is why it is highly recomended for any linux distribution in production has its own custom ssh port number .

Add this line like this to your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file

# Run ssh on a non-standard port:
Port 2345  #Change me

and restart the sshd service. Don’t forget to then make any necessary changes to port forwarding in your router and any applicable firewall rules.

Because ssh is no longer listening for connections on the standard port, you will need to tell your client what port to connect on. Using the ssh client from the command line, we may specify the port using the -p switch:

$ ssh -p 2345 myserver

To know more in this topic or follow the whole instructions please visit :        ! (This page contains the official cent os how to)

Hope you will secure your server and save yourself from unwanted hazards.


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