Off Page SEO

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

primarily its about submission of your page to various cross functional traffic generator site. In plain english its increasing visibility across internet with a well written content. Bringing in linked traffic from other general interest site to yours.

The most effective tools of such off page SEO activities are Blog Posting, Viral Press release and/or SEO Articles all aimed toward your specific industry and is about your products. Making people know that you are present in the industry with genuine products and services. whenever a specific user click on such links and comes to your site via re-direction, Search engine gives you trust and authentication which has a good level of impacts on you Search Engine rankings.

A targeted SEO Press releases significantly boosts your product’s authentication and that particular new item strikes just like a new blockbuster movie. The strategy is same old game just in a new playing ground which is the internet.

Our SEO cowriter knows the mechanism of producing positive literature that will enhance the reputation. choosing and submitting those meticulously content to key industry portals is another daunting task. Choosing the appropriate places to put things on is really crucial. Without an appropriate place of the relevance the content become unuseful to the audiences and hence generating zero back link traffic; which eventually degrades the ranking.

SEO Articles also work almost the same way just requiring some literature work. However true effectiveness is within putting the content in right place. At TofaIT our huge database on industry listings of submission portals covers the comprehensive list.we will copyright and produce relevent article, which exemplifying your expertise and interesting knitted for readers. We only work through “white Hat” method and will only submit on authenticated sites.

Social bookmarking is also a similar activities and require meticulously continual reputation building. Moreover it is a way to convey your message almost instantaneously. Creating a personification to help manage you business image in the society.

Alike social medium book marking directory enlistment is also an excellent source of links. It also creates a long-term impact . Here at TofaIT we not only do directory submission we do also help you with FREE Classified Submission, which generates another spreading the word gain. This can also create “brand profile” of your business. This will eventually categorise your business according to your nature of industry. we are very choosy about the directory page ranks rather than increasing your No of listing.

The constantly changing SEO environment is more complex than ever. This is where you need a professional rather than getting a lyrically skilled someone do the internet job done. However if you prefer not to trust anyone regarding “whoami”, you would definite share our expert knowledge pointing you in directions to crawl, to make crawler love your site.

Last but not the least, prefer white hat and spend time along with money to build a rock solid SEO Page rank.


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