Securing web server

Securing web server is a daunting task. No doubt. Apache or Lamp or WAMP depends on ‘Iptables’ rules.
It is very important that you do keep good ‘iptables’ rule. Most of the be spoke application like go autodial , vicidial / vicidalnow opens port and allows you put the server in real ip and gives you login via username and password.
To secure please check your iptables rules and only allow the ip you might use most frequently and else keep others closed.

It is highly formidable to shutdown your iptables and allow all.


2 thoughts on “Securing web server

  1. my two cents – to dump your existing iptable rule on debian
    #~ iptables-save /root/IPTABLES
    open the /root/IPTABLES and add your IP to make sure you don’t lock yourself 🙂
    Once finish editing
    #~ cat /root/IPTABLES | iptables-restore -c
    #~ iptables -L

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