Earthquake in Dhaka

This afternoon while on lunch , the whole Dhaka city started shaking like non stoppable rolling stone.  We were just finishing our lunch at office canteen . When i broke the news that , It’s earth quake , earthquake………..

I took off the iPhone and shot the water bottle, here it is..

Embedded here:

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

I just got off from my seat and washed off hands to dial my wife at home. I live in the fifth floor and she is Home alone. All the call center agents were russhing down the stairway. I also started climbing down while speaking with my wife. At that point the after shock started.

I am worried waht should i say to her? Should she go down the stair or not? My flat is in 5th Floor and there is no lift. AS it timid down a bit & not shaking so fiercely , i told her not to run around just stay where she is right now.

It stopped about 40 to 45 seconds later. I have never felt such longest earthquake in my life. few seconds maximum 20 is best . Today’s Earthquake really scared the hell out of me.

Late i upload the earthquake video from my iPhone to CNN ireport and the approved it , you can view it here


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