IP PBX Features

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Features of the Unified Communication System

Power-packed, yet simple set of features will maximize your business communications, propelling you to success. VoIP plus has traditional calling, mobility, instant messaging, conferencing, and much more.


Offers true mobility for seamless communications with any phone. Now you can work, no matter where you are.


CRM Integration: Using the Switchboard Panel, you can see who a caller is, the most recent note about the caller, the company name and email address—all before you even answer the phone!
Google Maps Panel: This Switchboard Panel shows you where your caller is on a Google map, based on area code and prefix. A handy popup lets you scroll through previous callers’ locations.
Custom Panels: Administrators can set up custom Switchboard Panels to integrate with web applications.

Customer service tools:

Call Queues  Now you can offer flawless customer service with powerful Call Queues. Several employees or all of them can answer incoming phone calls to your main line, the sales number, or anything else you need.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated way to greet and interact with your callers. An IVR can be very simple or highly complex, and can even interact with your other business applications. IVR is sometimes referred to as Auto Attendant.

Video Conferencing: With video Conferencing tools, your employees can quickly get together in a meeting to share information and make decisions.

Fax Notifications Faxes arrive in your IP PBX Extension Mailbox. Notifications can arrive at the email address of your choice, or you can subscribe to your Mailbox (via IMAP) using your favorite email client. A preview of the fax is included in the email, so you can quickly respond to your customers.

Instant Messaging Openfire instant messaging server with Report of user sessions. Your IM client initiated calls and Jabber supports Web based management for IM server. It has Plugins support & IM groups support, LDAP support. IT also comes with Support for other IM gateways like MSN, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk and ICQ.

EMAIL IP PBX is a built in Mail server with multi-domain support. It also Support for quotas & Web based management, Antispam support, Support for mail relay based in Postfix for high email volume. The interface is easy to use Web based email client

  • Voicemail: It automatically creates a Voicemail Mailbox for every phone extension.  You can also have multiple custom greetings, custom notifications that include the message itself, and voicemail ‘blasts’ that let you easily send the same messages to many employees.
  • Music on Hold: lets you customize the On Hold experience so that you can create the right mood, provide helpful information, encourage action, or whatever you need. Call Queues can each have their own Music on Hold experience.


Your call will be using whatever method makes the most sense for your business. VOIP, traditional analogue lines, video calling, the IP phones of your choice—it’s all up to you. No “vendor lock-in” games here.

  • Technology Choices:

You get to choose LOCAL TOLL FREE you want to use. You might even use more than one for redundancy or cost-savings. IT supports SIP and IAX protocols.

  • Call Control:

You can easily transfer incoming calls or active calls to another extension. Set the transfer rules for incoming calls so you can check the call first, then transfer, transfer without checking, or send the call straight to voicemail.

        • You can quickly make a call available to any extension. This is a great tool for when you need to go to another area of your building and pick up a different phone, or when you need to find someone else to help your caller.
        • You can set up Call Pickup groups so some employees can pick up calls ringing on other extensions by dialling a short code on their own phones. You determine who has this permission and which calls they can pick up.

Call Routing:

        • Flexible Outgoing Call Routes: You have total control over how to make calls: send inter-branch calls to a peered Server, send international calls to a VOIP provider, etc. This can help you save money, and protect against downtime.
        • Flexible Incoming Call Routes:

It’s easy to route your incoming calls based on which of your phone numbers was called. You can also transfer or block calls based on the caller ID and on the current date and time.

        • Outgoing Caller ID Control:

Lets you set the same caller ID for your entire company, or set it differently for groups or a single phone extension.

        • Ordered Call Rules:

Incoming and Outgoing Call Rules can easily be put in order of priority to follow.

Productivity Tools:

Converged Phones: You configure six phones to work and act like your main It extension. That keeps things simple no matter where you are located.
Personal Call Rules: With It, each extension owner can decide how to take his or her calls. Based on the time of day, calls can ring several phones, try different phones, forward on to another phone, or just go straight to voicemail.

Presence & Collaboration: It can help your employee’s work together using tools Switchboard Presence, Chat, Organized Phonebooks, and a Company Directory.

Notifications: It can send you notifications when you receive a voicemail message or a fax, and notifications can be customized to include a lot of information, or just a short statement.

Globalization: For businesses with international offices, a diverse staff, or a diverse customer base, It offers several language- and locale-based options.

Reporting: It has incredibly advanced call logging and reporting capabilities. That can make all the difference when you’re trying to understand if your business strategies are working or not.

PBX Tools: At the heart of It is a solid set of tools for your phone system, and a simple way to manage it. Tools such as custom time frames, permission-based administrator accounts, automated call recording, and more make it easy to manage.

Extension Management: It’s extremely simple to manage your phone extensions. Templates and Groups make it easy to create and organize extensions, and bulk-management tools help you create and modify multiple extensions at the same time.

Networking: Our networking offers a set of tools to help protect your network. A white list of networks with allowed services and an automatic blacklist for suspicious traffic offer you some peace of mind. And easy initial setup on your network means no hassles.

Maintenance: Our server maintenance tools make it simple to keep your It updated and safely backed up.
Diagnostics: Our system offers several options for monitoring your PBX and hardware and for tracking any issues you are experiencing.


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