Setting up your SIP Trunk

Setting up your SIP Trunk :

Here we will try to help our customer to configure their SIP Trunk. This portion only help you if

  • You have already purchased a SIP trunk from else please contact
  • You are using AsteriskNow / Elastix  / Free PBX / Trixbox CE or other IP – PBX using Asterisk with Free PBX front End
  • You have already our SIP Registration Details In hand.

On Free PBX you will find the PBX menu on the web GUI. Click on PBX Tab , your PBX will load. On the Left hand side you will get Trunks , Click there you be taken to Trunk Page.

Now Add a SIP Trunk . You will Get a Interface which ask you the configuration that our Sales Team has given you. Call Center Operator please note this is just configuring your connectivity and has nothing to do with Queue or Call Center module on Elastix. However , to run your call center module you will need you SIP Trunk pre configured to send and receive calls.



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