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Shimon attended London Metropolitan University studying for a Masters in Digital Communications & Networks. Whilst there he concentrated in Mobile and 3g Communication System; he played an active part in University life becoming embedded & bespoke system developer. He played a   part-time worker in a charity www.clapa.com .He actively helped Cleft Lip and Palate affected children and their parents with specialized baby feeding equipment, with an organization Patron by Carol Jean Vorderman MBE.

After finishing M. Sc. degree in 2006, Shimon took a fixed term position with HMC – a company he build from scratch throughout his time since returned from London in 2008 – as a Project Manager for their Call Center. The finite nature of the position pushed Shimon to seek alternative, and in July of 2010 he joined Virgo (Virgo Contact Center & VirgoTech) Ltd.

During his 3 years with HMC Shimon held a variety of roles, including Open Source Integrator of Call Center Solutions, ICT Trainer and Team Leader of Business Development, and was successful to franchise open source call center dialer since May 2009. Shimon was involved in the transfer of Open Source Dialer System to VirgoTech with their State of The Art “VCCD” system and has gained his position within the new dimension of professionalism.

In his spare time Shimon continues the enjoyment of sport that he picked up during university, playing for a variety of local Football teams and Cricket teams, and Snowboarding each winter. Outside of sport he enjoys socializing with friends and keeping close touch with charity organizations trumpeting their cause to raise fund and get community involvement.

Technology moving faster than we are actually imagining. Naming the most stunning ones or the most latest one is not good enough. Even this rapid and fast development is bad for our everyday life. We always move to new ones and we poorly utilize the lifetime of any technology.
This is my profile on CNN iReport

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