This section gives you simple instruction on creating an agent on you new call center distribution. If you have limited access it might prevent you creating Agents in you call center suite. But if you have purchased unlimited version of CCDIAL or VCCD you can create a new agent using the following steps.

Step 1: Please login to you admin panel with admin / manager privilege , by default your password is ccd***l or M4n***4.
Step 2: The best way is to create a new user by copying your previous one , which automatically inherit all the privileged from its predecessors and you don’t have to do every time the same job again and again.

Creating a new User In CCDIAL or VCCD

Creating a new User In CCDIAL or VCCD

Step 3: Choose your source user you think all the privilidges are most likely you want your new user to have.

Submit and your new user is ready.


!! You must have the appropriate user groups created before you start creating your users otherwise you will have to manually assign groups to the new user.


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