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One of the most frequent task you have to perform is creating list for your campaign and load new leads to it. These are really very simple steps unless you think like a phd.

Creating list :

Step 1: Login to your VCCD / CCDial Server from local (using LAN IP) or from outside of office using your Public IP. If you don’t know the IP address please consult ISP.

Step 2: Go to the list menu and add a new list. Please remember to give relevant ID, name , and don’t be lazy write proper description. Trust me it makes IT Admins and everyone’s life easier. When you have 100’s of List you get puzzled.

Creating List In Your Call Center Dialer (ccdial+VCCD)

Creating List In Your Call Center Dialer (ccdial+VCCD)

Step 3: Remember to assign to a campaign or if you haven’t created a campaign yet. you can leave it Blank.

!! TIPS:

Have a look on the picture , i have added the help file also. This is because if you carefully read this help topics you will be able to solve more than 80% of the problem by yourself.


Loading lead to your list is very impoortant because without leads on your lead you cannot dial outbound. Please select “load ne leads” from the left hand side, to load few leads on your list. you can load leads to the same list or you can create more and more list every time you get lead.

Leads are the numbers that you dial out. There are few thing you must be careful while loading leads to run your campaign smoothly.


  • You must have you a list of leads in Microsoft excels or other open source spreadsheet and that MUST have to be in .CSV format.
  • It’s best practice to follow the exact column guidelines of CCDial/VCCD, these makes your campaign fast easy and

Step 1: Browse the file location and give the list ID where you want these lead to go.

Step 2: Click custom layout if you haven’t created the lead file according to ccdial/vicidal/VCCD format.

Step 3: Click submit and manually select the fields from your lead if you haven’t done it like Standard format.

Loading New Lead in your List (CCDial+VCCD)

Loading New Lead in your List (CCDial+VCCD)


That’s it you will know the GOOD and BAD numbers of lead. Good means dial-able lead bad means there is something wrong or if you have selected duplicate check it comes off as duplicate.


One thought on “List & Lead

  1. i found a new problem that each time we call to a number it rings for some time and after that it says “NOT Available”
    and the solution was, we restated (duration 20 mnt) the hole system including server and after that our call gone all good !!!
    thanks to Shimon Dewan.

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